Become a Life Group Leader

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Life Groups are essential for our spiritual growth here at Shepherd Church.” 

Dudley Rutherford | Senior Pastor

At Shepherd Church, we gather for weekend services for worship and a teaching from our senior pastor, but during the week, we gather to study an in-depth lesson inspired by the weekend’s sermon!

This is where you as a leader come in!

You have the potential to shepherd and lead a Life Group! We all do! But you’re here reading this and by you reading this, you are a step further in potentially leading!

“You don’t need a bible college to degree to become a leader. All you need is a desire to grow in your faith.”

Dudley Rutherford | Senior Pastor

Since our Life Group Leaders play an important role, we take great care when enlisting them. Please read through the information below to better understand the role of a leader, qualifications, and expectations. 

* Committing to caring and encouraging group members towards spiritual growth!
* Leading your group with a spirit of cooperation and forgiveness
* Willing to meet and work with the Leadership of Shepherd Church
* Meet with the people in your group during a sermon/Life Group series and be an encourager of faith, hope, and love! 
* Be a member of Shepherd Church

* Lead the group by facilitating the group meeting, monitoring its health and duration, and promoting participation among group members
* Commit to engage in leadership development opportunities provided by the church
* Identify and develop a qualified apprentice and embrace apprentice leader development as a measure of success
* Manage your group online and be involved in on-going training


Please Click here and fill out the LEADER FORM! The LEADER FORM helps us on the Life Groups team get to know you before attending a training as well as filling out the form takes care of one of the items needed at the training.

Ready to lead a group?

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The training dates and locations are as follows. All trainings take place at our Porter Ranch location (19700 Rinaldi St. Porter Ranch, CA. 91326)

The training dates and locations are as follows!

Thursday | April 16 | 6:30pm | Porter Ranch Location - Ministry Center Room 112
Thursday | April 23 | 1:00pm | Porter Ranch Location - Ministry Center Room 112
Sunday | April 26 | 6:30pm | Porter Ranch Location - Ministry Center Room 112