Stay Updated with Life Groups & Covid-19

Hello Life Group Family,      

In the past few days, a lot has changed in our world due to the COVID-19 virus. This change demands that we be flexible and open to a great deal of change in almost every area of our lives.

In response to suggestions from government officials and health care professionals, we are making a change in our Life Group Strategy.

We believe the best course of action, at this time, is if you still want to meet as a Life Group that you make that meeting "Virtual". We are asking all Life Groups to pause any "in-person" meetings until further notice. This may be an incredible opportunity to minister to your family with a "Home Group". Scroll to the bottom of the page for suggestions on platforms you can use with your Life Group! 

I am sure it may seem strange or even awkward to read such words from the Life Groups team. However, these are very unfamiliar times for all of us, and this decision was not made without a lot of thought and prayer.

The health and safety of our Life Group members is one of our highest team priorities. That is why we are making these changes and why we are encouraging everyone to practice social distancing which is the exact opposite of our normal ministry approach.

As we practice the Safer at Home strategy, we want to know if you're meeting with the people who live in your home! Or, if you'd like some questions and guided curriculum to study while at home, click here to leave a little bit of information and we'll send it right over! 

It is times like these that we are thankful that we are able to financially provide resources such as RightNow Media for all of you. This resource has countless Small Group (Life Group) curriculum that is free of charge for you and your family! Login to your account with as many devices as you'd like using devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick or through any Android or Apple device.

Click here for a free account!

We will be providing additional small group content that can be found by clicking on the link below! 

Click here for the new Life Group series!

It might be a good time to call your fellow Life Group members and check in while giving them this update. God has given us some incredible technology, and with this technology we are probably posed more than ever before to be able to Love God and Love others in uncertain times.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Click here to send us an email with your questions! 

Thank you for reading. We love you and are thankful for you!


The Life Groups Team

Pastor Abe Anaya | Pastor Brian Marston | Pastor Victor Pena | Lori Lewis, Life Group Administrator

- - - 

PLATFORMS for Virtual Life Groups! 

Zoom []

Pros: Free; only the host needs an account [easier if everyone has an account]

Cons: limited to 40 minute sessions!

Some groups build in a “bio-break” after 40 minutes and then re-login after 10 minutes

Details: Up to 100 participants/devices; invite via email in the application or send out a sharable hyperlink to your group via email/text/Facebook


Pros: Simple and intuitive; fun faces/effects; integrated in apple products

Cons: Requires iphone/ipad/mac with latest software

Details: Up to 32 participants/devices; If you already have a group message

thread you can turn it into a group FaceTime video call

Google Hangouts []

Pros: Free; unlimited me; accessible via web-browser on laptops [mobile

devices need to use an app]

Cons: Everyone needs a google account [free]

Details: Up to 25 participants/devices; invite via email in the application or send

out a sharable hyperlink to your group via email/text/Facebook



Larger screen, can type using built-in instant messenger feature, stays in place

Only use 1 device per house

Multiple devices cause audio feedback and internet bandwidth issues ○ Your device will ask for permission to access your audio and video

Approve all of this ahead of time since it may require a reboot


Place on a table or stable mount, not on your lap or in your hand

Keep your hands free to use a Bible or workbook


Make sure your device is plugged in or at full battery level



Try to place camera straight ahead

Use landscape mode [sideways] instead of portrait [up and down]

Looking down at a camera shows angles of your face that are unflattering

Make sure your entire face is centered on the screen; not too close or far

Secure pets/children in another room


Keep the background dark and your face light

Try not to have a lamp/light/window in view of the camera


Mute/unmute your device when you want to speak - very important!

Do not be afraid to call out someone who is causing feedback, loud background

noise, or forgets to mute/unmute

Encourage everyone to nod their head and have positive body language

Raise a hand when you want to be the next person to speak

Anticipate extra time for people to respond to questions

Roll-call at the beginning to have everyone say something

Ensures everyone equipment is working correctly

Ensures each person knows how to mute/unmute

Encourages each person to participate; you can do this as an icebreaker question

and have each person answer