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Today, some 2,000 years after Jesus walked the earth and called His first disciples, we as disciples go back to the bible and study what is often misunderstood or diluted as it pertains to being a follower of Jesus.

This Life Group series is designed to help you truly understand what it means to follow Jesus. Through seven sessions, you will learn that following Jesus goes beyond following someone on a social media platform. Through the seven sessions you will learn about important principles that have transcended time and culture and that help us follow Jesus more closely in our daily lives. 

The seven sessions are Follower, Faithfulness, Commitment, Love, Compassion, Revival and Purpose

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Throughout the Christian life, difficult questions surface in our minds and ultimately make their way to the dinner table and car rides for conversations. Men and women, both Christian and non-Christian alike are often faced with questions about life and faith that lead to frustration and at times, division.

The sessions covered in this series will reveal to us knowledge and insight towards discussing such heavy topics. Whether you have been a Christian for days or decades, these questions are important in our pursuit of Jesus and in our witness to those who do not follow Jesus.

Topics discussed and studied in the series include: How Do I Forgive When I've Really Been Hurt? Is the Bible Reliable? How Do Reach People Different Than Me? Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Are We Living in the Last Days? Is Jesus the Only Way to Salvation? Are Heaven and Hell for Real? 

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This Life Group series takes a look at how the Church was established and how we as the church are to continue the work and life God has entrusted to us.Through the sessions, you will learn about about Jesus’ love and purpose for you as you participate in the expansion of His kingdom. 

During the six sessions, you will also learn about the principles and practices which help you, individually and corporately, reflect the love of Jesus and spread the message of the gospel in a powerful and compassionate manner. 

The six sessions are I Love My Church, Sacrifice, Serving, Worship, Spiritual Fervor and Soul Winning.


One day, Jesus began to teach from the side of the mountain. The words that Jesus spoke, also known as the “Sermon on the Mount” began with eight statements that set the tone for how His Kingdom looks and works. 

The Beatitudes, the eight statements that Jesus proclaims to start His sermon were mind-boggling to the people of Jesus’ day and can have that same effect on the people of our day. 

Each session, you will get to take a look at one of the statement made by Jesus and study and learn from the bible how that statement, that Beatitude can make an impact in your life and the lives of others.


Life if full of journeys which require faith. Most of us, when we think of the word journey, we immediately think about a destination. In this series, we will look into the life of Abraham. He is often called "The Father of our Faith."

By studying Abraham's life and the faith journey that he embarks on with God, you will find truths and insights which will help you strengthen your faith journey. The series is compiled of 7 lessons which take a look at the steps Abraham took as his faith grew.

The seven lessons are: Choices, Silence, Changes, Promises, Knowing, Trusting, Walking


Out of the 66 books that make up the Bible, very few stand out like the book of Romans. Written to the first Christians in Rome, Romans is one of the most theologically sound and extensive books of the Bible. It can be said that Romans is a synopsis of the entire Bible. Romans takes the reader on a journey through history, including the entrance of Sin into the world, Christ’s provision on the Cross and our eternal place with Jesus. 

This series covers the entire book of Romans through an eight-week study. By uncovering deep truths and discovering biblical insights, you will realize that the words written nearly two thousand years ago to Christians in Rome are just as useful and helpful to Christians today.


Freedom is a concept that is deeply rooted in each one of us. Starting from a young age and through adulthood, we long to be free. Unfortunately, a lot of us don't experience this freedom on a daily basis rather we feel entrapped by our lives.

The great news is that God has called us to be free. When we put our faith in Jesus and what He did on the cross, we are Free! The goal of this series is to help you understand the freedom that God has provided for you and the life He has called you to. 

The 8 week session includes lessons on Freedom in Christ, Free from the Law, Free from Sin, Free to Love, Free to have Joy, Free to have Peace, Free to be patient and Free to be kind.


There are some things in our world that are so amazing, so grand and so incredible that they are in a category all of their own. These are known as "The Seven Wonders of the World."

Just as there are wonders in our physical world, there are wonders in the spiritual world as well. This series is designed to help answer questions that you may have about these spiritual wonders. 

The topics, the wonders, that are discussed in this series are: The Sovereignty of God, Creation, Heaven, The Bible, The Holy Spirit, The Church and Salvation.


When we start living out our faith, then we have truly been marked by the words of Jesus and we can make an imprint for Jesus in the lives of others and ultimately, our world. Regardless of your background, religion or beliefs, the fact is that Jesus has made an imprint on our world today.

The goal of this series is to help you understand that Jesus left His imprint on this world and in you. Our hope is that you grow in your knowledge and relationship with God, then in turn, reflect the glory and honor He so richly deserves.

The topics in this series include: Sacrifice, Evangelism, Authenticity, Mentorship, Commitment, Generosity and Love

Each series comes with a DVD and 2 Study Guides -- 1 DVD + 2 Study Guides / $10.00*
Additional study guides / $2.00 each*
Additional DVD / $5.00 each*
To Order, call 818-831-9333 Ext. 2111 Or Email Us at
*Please note there will be a Shipping charge for all orders