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*Special Announcement*

Band of Brothers, a men's Life Group that meets on Monday nights will be hosting a four-week series on sex. This series will deal with the intricacies a man deals with as it pertains to sex. You're invited to come and hear from different speakers who will be sharing about this topic. The series begins Monday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m.! Please join Band of Brothers for this series!

This series is intended to unearth the buried secrets that have infiltrated Jesus’ beloved church. These secrets held by men have been at the very heart of our inability to fully receive the love that God has intended for us to experience. Until we are honest with ourselves and allow God to see us for who we really are, we will never truly know his love, grace, and forgiveness. Our goal as church body is to provide a safe place that offers hope, healing, and reconciliation to those who seek it. It a four-part approach, we will attempt to tackle this pervasive evil that continues to plague Jesus’ bride, the church.

Week 1 – April 23. Sexual Addiction – Shawn Sawyer will be presenting to move toward guys in the church dealing with their own secrets of self-gratification and sexual encounters on the internet, videos, magazines. We will discuss how this affects every man alive to some extent.

Week 2 – April 30. Pornography – Pastor Abe Anaya will be presenting on the ills and evils of the “benign” sin that “doesn’t hurt anyone.” Rather than provide neurological and sociological excuses for addictive behaviors or for acting out, the information presented is intended to open doors of understanding. For many, it is time for renewing of the mind.

Week 3 – May 7. Human Trafficking – Husband and wife team, Chris and Joy Collins-Brodt of Treasures LA – will be presenting on human trafficking as a worldwide epidemic that is found in every country without discrimination. No community is safe from this egregious, tragic, atrocious, horrendous crime on another human being. We will discuss how men contribute to this by viewing videos, pictures, etc. We will also discuss how men can help by being aware of this issue and how men can get involved to help prevent this crime against humanity.

Week 4 – May 14. Treating Women Respectfully – Pastor Brian Marston will be presenting on respect as a lost art and basic form of compassion for a fellow human being. We will discuss how to maintain our “masculinity” and still love, serve, and honor the women that we encounter, regardless of our relationship to them or their worldly appearances or lifestyle.


Band of Brothers is our Monday night men's gathering where men from Shepherd Church get together for a time of corporate worship, teaching, and a bible-led discussion. There's great power and fervor when men who are seeking the Holy Spirit for guidance and teaching, get together and seek God and the Holy Spirit's transformation together! 

If you are interested in joining Band of Brothers on Monday nights at 7:00pm, please email or call us at the church and ask to speak with someone on the Life Groups staff! We'd love to talk with you and invite you to join the worship, teaching, and fellowship on Monday nights at 7:00pm! 

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