Victor Peña

Victor.pngVictor is California born and bred. Most of his life has been spent in the San Fernando Valley. He is one of two children (The other child being his little brother Yoshi, yes like the Mario Brothers video game). For the most part, Victor grew up a very average life. It was in Victor’s high school days that God began tugging at his heart.

Growing up in Shepherd Church, volunteering in the Small Stars ministry, and being a part of the youth group, Victor's life was about to go through major overhaul. At a Revival in 2007, Victor gave his life to Christ and after that Revival, felt a calling to vocational ministry. At a summer camp in 2008, he knew what he had to do with his life, but he did not know how he was going to do it.

Victor completed high school soon after, and was on an airplane headed to the small country of Haiti 15 days to minister. Those days in Haiti changed his life forever. It was on this trip that through serving, Victor’s life was transformed by the Holy Spirit. His understanding of ministering to people deepened and his hunger for bible knowledge grew.

Victor applied to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. in order to satisfy his hunger of more bible knowledge. He was accepted and spent three and a half years at Moody receiving great ministry training, an intense bible and theological education at Moody, and learning to trust and rely on God more and more as his provider of grace and life. After five years of college and several internships, Victor is back where it all started, and serving as a pastor here at Shepherd Church.

Now, Victor is continually serving alongside the rest of the Life Groups team with a passion for small groups! He recently married the love of his life and have ventured into the journey of marriage! 

Things you may not know about him:

  • Iron Man is his favorite super hero.
  • Has always dreamt of playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • He considers himself a Taco Enthusiast. 

Contact Pastor Victor: 
818.831.9333 ext.2109